Operation and Maintenance



The Scope of Operation and Maintenance includes operating and maintaining all the works and parts of the Sewage Treatment Plant, all interconnecting pipelines and valves, and all other allied works under the Contract complete including the road works, and landscaping, instrumentation systems, Electrical System of Raw Sewage Pumping Station, Sewage Treatment Plant, SCADA systems, all utility and ancillary buildings, etc. and the area of the premises for the entire contract period to the satisfaction of the Client.

Necessary arrangements for plant operation personnel, chemicals usage, lubricants, diesel, spares, tools and tackles, routine maintenance, sewage sampling and sampling and analysis, screenings and grit collection, transportation and disposal, dewatered sludge disposal/sale. Coordination with State Government Body, Local authority, any other authorities and any other activity required for the operation and maintenance of the works/plants in full compliance with all applicable rules, regulations, laws, codes, effluent quality requirements will be arranged by us including the cost of material and labours.

During the Operation and Maintenance period, the stipulated design effluent standards and all performance guaranteed parameters are met in accordance with the specifications in the bid documents and as stipulated in the Performance Guaranteed requirements will be ensured.

Why HNB ?

HNB Engineers has extensive experience in Operation & Maintenance of Sewage Treatment Plants.

Well-trained, qualified and experienced operator with expert supervisors to facilitate smooth day-to-day troubleshooting at operations and maintenance of STP.

We ensure Optimum chemical consumption to maximize efficiency and reduce cost.

We achieve the prescribe norms for treated sewage as prescribed by pollution control board.

We have deep expertise in Preventive maintenance to avoid major breakdown.