Engineering Design Services for SPS


The raw sewage contains mainly organic matters and suspended solids. The organic matter and suspended solids are reduced with the help of microorganisms present in sewage by providing suitable environment for their growth. The organic matter is consumed for the growth of the microorganism’s i.e. Cell production and their metabolism i.e. energy production. The major groups of microorganisms are (i) Aerobic and (ii) Anaerobic microorganisms. In plant treatment, aerobic microorganisms are used for biological treatment.

The raw sewage is collected in the raw sewage sump which is coming through sewer lines by gravity in the inlet chamber. The course screen chamber is provided with SS flat coarse screen. The floating materials and solids are retained on screen which are removed manually/ mechanically and screened sewage is then flows to the raw sewage sump well.

Provision of manual screen is also made in the screen chamber.  The raw sewage collected in the sump is pumped to the inlet chamber of pretreatment unit for primary treatment.

We are very proud to state that we have installed many Sewage Pumping Station (SPS) ranging from 5 MLD to 350 MLD capacity in the last FIVE DECADES. These SPS are running successfully.