Sequential Batch Reactor Technology

SBR is an abbreviation for SEQUENTIAL BATCH REACTOR process. It provides very high treatment efficiency in a single step biological process. SBR – System is operated in a batch reactor mode which eliminates all the inefficiencies of the continuous processes. A batch reactor is one which ensures 100% treatment. Two modules of basins are provided to ensure continuous treatment and make the plant’s capacity scalable. This process is purely aerobic.
The complete process takes place in a single reactor, within which all biological treatment steps take place sequentially. NO additional settling unit / secondary clarifier is required!

The advantages of Sequential Batch Reactor Process are:
  • Low space requirement: Primary Clarifier, Aeration Tank and Secondary Clarifier are combined in a single unit, hence have a smaller footprint.
  • Automated Operation because entire system is operated using Programmable Logical Circuit
  • Good Outlet Quality BOD< 10 mg/l, TSS< 10 mg/l, COD < 50 mg/l and Biological Nutrient Removal (BNR) facilities for nitrogen and phosphorous.

SBR technology is known to consume large amount of electricity and highly dependent on decanter. These problems have been overcome by our indigenously designed Sequential Batch Reactor (Improved) . SBR Technology has been used successfully in combination with Combitreat Technology < and projects are running successfully at numerous locations.

Some of our successful installations in which we have Designed, Supplied, Constructed, Erected Machinery, carried out O&M and completed works as Technology Provider for SBR technology are as below: